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Why this website?

Your HyeTravelers are Edward Avedis Kazanjian and Mary Ann Arakelian Kazanjian from Watertown and Belmont, Massachusetts respectively.  Ed is a retired engineer, school administrator, and consultant and Mary Ann a retired teacher and church organist for over fifty years.  They have been married since 1968.

Prompting this website were our two Journeys taken to Historic Armenia (eastern Turkey) accompanied by Guide Armen Aroyan (CA) and two Turkish drivers Jemal Kokman and his son Seljuk (Aintab, TR) along with two groups, ten in 2009 and four in 2010, who became life long friends from all over the United States and Europe.   As second generation Americans of Armenian (Hye) descent, we became the HyeTravelers, hence this website’s designation.

These two journeys were life changing and resulted in us preparing two, multimedia, presentations to be shared with the public.  We made twenty-five public presentations around the country between 2009 and 2014, at our own expense, to bring the historic homeland, now Eastern Turkey, to others of our generation. 

In addition, hundreds of hours were spent on the production of two DVDs (90 minutes each) with the assistance of Roger Hagopian, local historian and film maker.  Over 1500 of these DVDs have been purchased with all sales proceeds, in addition to the modest honorarium received from presentation sponsors, given to those involved in the preserving and documenting sites in historic Armenia.  

The impetus for our journeys searching for our “roots” were Mary Ann’s father, Badrig Arakelian’s (1909-1988), oral history and Ed’s maternal grandfather, Bedros Pashoian’s (1878-1965), story of returning to Turkey in 1909 with his new bride from Tarsus to visit her family there.  Both provided clues which would guide us.  These documents are available in the MENU (Show).

In 2015, a special presentation was prepared for the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, combining the material from our two trips and supplementing this with family photos, audio, and stories, focusing on our Kazanjian, Arakelian, Boyajian, and Pashoian families and genocide survivors..

       Good company in a journey …makes the way seem shorter.”                                                                      — Izaak Walton

Mary Ann and Edward Kazanjian have always enjoyed traveling beginning with their honeymoon in Puerto Rico in 1968.  Then came their 10,000 mile round trip drive across the USA in 1970, which began their quest to visit all fifty of our, beautiful, United States.   “Let’s see this country before we explore the rest of the world.” became their mantra.

montana 50th

Completing our quest for fifty states after visiting Montana in 2003

The wanderlust continues…

During the fifty years of our marriage, in addition to visiting all fifty States, we have managed as of 2019 to have visited six of the seven continents, fifty-five countries, seven of the ten Canadian Provinces and one of the three Canadian Territories, most of the Caribbean Islands, the Lesser and Greater Antilles, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Cuba.  Some of these travels resulted in presentations  shared with close friends and many shared with the public through a series of public presentations.